Jesse's Leaving The Podcast Right This Instant, Puberty Blockers, And A Very Crazy, Very Expensive Campus Controversy


April 12th, 2021

42 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

After Jesse makes a shocking announcement (he's leaving the podcast in pursuit of greater glory), the hosts talk about a spate of bad GOP bills seeking to ban puberty blockers and hormones for minors and how difficult it is to communicate accurate, honest information to the public about this subject. Then they discuss a story Jesse wrote for Reason about a particularly crazy campus blowup in which a bunch of innocent white people were traumatized (physically) by disagreement.

Jesse explaining why he is against these bills:

Jesse annoyed at conservatives 180ing his work:


Reason story:


Jeffrey Sachs is good on campus free speech...

...and was recently on The Fifth Column: