Bonus Interview: Jesse Talks To Ben Burgis About His Book 'Canceling Comedians While the World Burns - A Critique Of The Contemporary Left'


June 3rd, 2021

38 mins 7 secs

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Self-explanatory! Enjoy. Lotsa links below about Ben's work and the stuff discussed in this interview. We'll be back with a new K+J episode soon. If you like what you hear, please consider becoming a Patron by heading over to .

-Ben's latest book, Canceling Comedians While the World Burns: A Critique Of The Contemporary Left:



-Bernie Sanders’ unreasonably Vermontian demands:

-Bernie Sanders criticized for ‘touting’ Rogan clip:

-Ben Burgis and Michael Brooks on why Rogan’s endorsement was good:

-Tom Cotton column:

-National Guard deployment to Kenosha:

-$1-2b in damage from the George Floyd riots:

-attacks on federal courthouse in Portland:

-Matt Taibbi’s book Hate Inc.: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another:

-Ben Burgis/Jacobin Bestner article on ‘insurrection’:

-2019 DSA convention ‘highlights’:

-JFC, tankies: