Episode 8

We Were (Joe) Biden Our Time But We (Candace) Owens You An Episode About Tara Reade


May 11th, 2020

48 mins 52 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

After Jesse gets things off to a fantastic start with an uplifting story about dog feces, the hosts finally relent and discuss the Joe Biden/Tara Reade situation. Does this case reveal the limits of "believe women"? Of trying to pretend long-ago accusations can be hashed out apolitically? Is anyone acting in good faith here? Then the hosts move on to Candace Owens and her censored-by-Twitter tweet calling for her Michigan followers to defy the government. What is the proper role for a private but exceptionally inlfuential institution like Twitter in a situation like this? The episode finishes with another story from Jesse, this one about his extremely unpleasant online run-in with Owens in 2016.

Show notes:

-The agonizing story of Tara Reade (Vox)

-UPDATED: 'Governor-turned-dictator': Candace Owens suspended from Twitter for encouraging Michiganders to go to work (Washington Examiner)

-What Should Twitter Do About People Like Candace Owens? (Singal-Minded, paywalled)

-The Strange Tale of Social Autopsy, the Anti-Harassment Start-up That Descended Into Gamergate Trutherism (NY Mag)

-New York Magazine's Jesse Singal Commits Fraud: Article In Question Should Be Recalled (Change.org)