Episode 9

Layoffs And Teigen And Roman And Kondo And Feel-Bad Liberalism And Patreon


May 18th, 2020

33 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

Katie leads off the show by discussing her layoff from The Stranger and reflecting on her mixed feelings about her time there. This sparks a broader commiseration about just how deeply, profoundly screwed journalism is right now. To lighten things up Jesse reads Katie a poem he wrote for her (it's really good). Then the hosts tie up some loose ends about that whole Chrissy Teigen/Alison Roman/Marie Kondo thing, including the weird, flattening language of "woman of color" and Roman's apology. After that, Jesse unpacks a viral tweetstorm that seems geared at antagonizing sympathetic would-be white anti-racists and explains why he views it as an example of what he calls "feel-bad liberalism." In the final segment, the hosts unveil the show's new Patreon page and ask listeners to empty their banks accounts to support Blocked and Reported.

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Show notes/links:

-An email from a listener suggesting we were too dismissive of the race angle of Teigenghazi (Twitter)

-Alison Roman's apology (Twitter)

-Ally Henny's tweetstorm about would-be white allies (Twitter)

-Jesse's original ranty tweetstorm defining feel-bad liberalism (Twitter)

-Feel-Bad Liberalism at the Victoria, BC women's march (Singal-Minded)